SAMI is a cross-channel sales and marketing automation platform powered by Artificial Intelligence.

We provide our clients with a holistic, 360-degree view of their customers and their competition. SAMI takes care of lead generation, scoring, and alignment of marketing operations to be more effective and efficient in the hands of any team.


SAMI is an all-in-one, cross-channel marketing and sales automation platform that provides our clients with a strategic and data-driven approach to making business decisions.


Through machine learning, AI processing, data integration, and user information all in one place, SAMI gives you an intelligent view of your current and future customers.


SAMI integrates through an API, collecting data from multiple sources like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and many more. It connects with your CRM and directs the flow of data into SAMI BI.


With SAMI, lead generation and machine learning is continuous. Reports and analytics can be viewed in SAMI BI for real-time information and recommendations for ongoing optimization.


SAMI removes the variable for human error by centralizing all your data points in one place. Over time, SAMI will learn which outcomes in your customer journey provide the highest ROI and give you and your marketing team user experience and campaign suggestions as needed.

Enhanced features:
– Automation powered by AI
– Customizable solutions and scalable for any business or size
– Keeps business data safe and secure
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Out of the box

Data driven, technology enabled, content empowered.

CRM & Customer Intelligence

SAMI combines CRM with Microsoft Azure AI to dramatically strengthen your data’s capability to learn, predict, and deliver hyper-relevant content directly to your customers. The next best thing would be a team of analysts working 24/7.

Campaign Analytics

Combine your data across the board to view centralized, real-time results using the SAMI BI platform. Follow potential customers throughout your funnel from start to finish and understand exactly where and why they aren’t converting.

Data Integration

SAMI will collect data from any source across your business, store it in a centralized environment, and constantly apply machine learning with Microsoft Azure AI as new information is being analyzed.

Digital Marketing & Automation

Find the right mix of personalization and automation or speak to customers one on one. SAMI uses state-of-the-art technology that lets you connect with your customers exactly when they are ready to buy.

SAMI brings together people,
processes, products, and data.

Data driven, technology enabled, content empowered.

Lead & Customer Segmentation

SAMI is unbiased and unemotional. It uses your own data to recommend important business decisions. Create personalized customer journeys and nurture cold leads into conversions through custom scoring and more.

Competitor Insights

By keeping close tabs on your top competitors, SAMI will advise, forecast and automate campaigns based on machine learning and intelligent tools. Your sales and marketing teams will never fall behind your competitors again.

Campaign Analytics

Gain business insight through SAMI BI Analytics. The all-in-one platform where you find online performance, campaign insights and key trends. Use custom triggers and alerts for optimization and activation opportunities that directly impact sales and revenue.

Marketing Automation

SAMI will score customers based on their likelihood to convert, lifetime value, and other metrics using a variety of inputs. This intelligent capability enables SAMI to predict and forecast sales while triggering automated marketing activities using both digital and email channels.

Key Features

Even for entire teams of analysts, there are too many data points, applications, platforms, social media conversations, competitor actions and other variables for any single team to quickly and efficiently process and respond to.

SAMI processes data 24/7. Looking for patterns, assessing competitor activity, analyzing actions and identifying conversion opportunities. With SAMI, you can forecast, predict, and get ongoing recommendations for your business that directly impact sales and revenue.

SAMI supports lead generation and new acquisition strategies with access to updated and managed user profiles. These lists included customer intelligence, segmentation, and custom scoring.

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Data Integration

SAMI API connects to over 40 different platforms so you can compile and collate information from just about anywhere. Take control of your data by letting SAMI input, integrate, and segment everything by storing it in its centralized environment.


SAMI BI provides easy access to campaign analytics and insights in a variety of different customized dashboards. These reports show you online campaign performance, spend vs ROI, and SMART recommendations for pivoting or budget optimization adjustments.

Digital Marketing Tools

SAMI API supports connection to over 40 digital platforms and marketing tools. Empower your sales teams to better nurture leads and to create personalized, engaging content. Continue to use your preferred marketing stack, but let SAMI supercharge your content and delivery.

Artificial Intelligence

SAMI reads through large sets of data with intelligent, iterative processing algorithms to learn from patterns and features. Each time its AI system runs a round of data processing, it tests and measures its own performance and develops additional expertise based on your goals.

Sales Automation

Multi-channel is non-negotiable in any overall marketing strategy. SAMI supercharges those programs with artificial intelligence and automation platforms to propel your businesses to grow, gain market share, and increase revenue. Connect SAMI to your current marketing stack and watch the magic happen.

Customer Intelligence

With powerful 24/7 processing and machine learning, SAMI collects and centralizes customer data, scores leads, and triggers automated campaigns based on each individual customer profile and lead score. You're marketing team can do this 9-5, or SAMI can do it for you 24/7.

About Us

SAMI was originally launched in 2020 and built over the past several years from a passionate team of AI Engineers, Programmers and seasoned Digital Marketing Strategists. Our team is backed by over 30+ years of combined industry experience. After years of working with marketing technology that only provided a fraction of the picture, we set out to create something that truly centralizes marketing operations with deep customer intelligence.


SAMI was built and optimized for companies in:

  • Travel/tourism
  • Higher education
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation
  • Logistics/supply chain
  • Automotive
  • Finance

The people behind SAMI provide a holistic view of business operations and identify opportunities to increase lead generation, sales, and revenue. SAMI and its capabilities have been extensively tested by a variety of internal marketing teams and clients alike and we are finally proud to take it to market.

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In your personal demo, we’ll go over how we help you:

  • Optimize and scale digital programs with a cross-channel, cross-publisher, multi-device approach
  • Discover campaign data and meaningful insights from an easy-to-use and powerful reporting dashboard

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We are in an extremely exciting time for digital marketing and AI-driven business solutions. We look forward to chatting with you soon!